BonBons Cheveux Boutique The candy shop for your Hair
founded in 2011
A picture of BonBons Cheveux Boutique's BonBons Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet.


 “BonBons Cheveux Boutique is the sweetest way to give your hair a treat!”

Our popular satin BonBons Bonnets are handmade in the United States and come in many options. BonBons bonnets can be purchased single-lined, single-lined with a bow, extra-roomy, extra-roomy with a bow and also with a drawstring.

Our Extra-Roomy size is designed for those in need of more room for their hair or haircare accessories like rollers and flexi-rods.


A picture of a box of BonBons Cheveux Boutique Hair Bonnets made to look like a box of chocolates.